Finding the OEM part number for your vehicle is essential for accurate replacements and repairs. Whether you’re fixing your car, or changing the worn parts knowing the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part number ensures compatibility and performance.

Fortunately, several methods simplify this process. From consulting the owner manuals to searching online databases or contacting the manufacturer directly, there are various avenues to uncover the correct part number you need.

This article will explore practical strategies and tips to efficiently locate OEM part numbers, empowering you to streamline maintenance and repairs confidently. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional technician, mastering the skills saves time and ensures the seamless function of your vehicle.

What Is An OEM Part Number?

An OEM (original equipment manufacturer) part number is a unique code that identifies a part made by or for the manufacturer of a particular product. For example:

  • If you have a Hero Splendor and you need to replace a part like the alternator. This would be a number assigned by Hero to specifically identify that alternator part.
  • Using the OEM part number helps ensure you get a part made to the exact specifications and quality standards set by Hero.
  • An aftermarket or generic part might fit a Hero Splendor, but it would not have a Hero OEM part number. The OEM number helps in identifying the original manufacturer’s equipment.

In simple terms, an OEM part number is like a unique product code for parts that come directly from the original manufacturer. It helps identify parts that were made specifically for that brand and model of vehicle or product. Using OEM parts helps ensure quality and fit.

Find OEM Part Number

If you want to find the OEM part number, first locate the manufacturer’s label or stamp on the spare part. The label typically includes the OEM part number, which is unique to that specific part. If the label is not visible, check the product manual or documentation provided by the manufacturer.

Additionally, you can search the manufacturer’s website using the product’s model number to find the corresponding OEM part number. If the part is installed in a larger system, consult the system’s documentation or contact the manufacturer directly for assistance. By using these methods, you can easily identify the OEM part number for your spare parts.

Is The Serial Number Same As OEM Part Number?

No, the serial number and the OEM part number are not the same. While both numbers serve to identify specific components or products, they serve different purposes. The serial number is unique to each unit and is primarily used for tracking and warranty purposes.

On the other hand, the OEM part number is specific to the manufacturer and represents the specific part or component needed for replacement or compatibility. While the serial number helps identify the exact unit, the OEM part number ensures the correct spare parts are obtained. It’s essential to distinguish between the two when searching for spare parts or contacting customer support

Can I Find OEM Part Numbers For Older Products That Are No Longer In Production?

Yes, it is possible to find OEM part numbers for older products that are no longer in production. While the manufacturer may not actively support these products, there are several avenues to locate the necessary information.

You can try searching online databases, forums, or contacting, specialized suppliers who may stock or have access to discounted parts. Additionally, some manufacturers maintain archives or legacy support services specifically for older products, where you can inquire about OEM part numbers. 

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